Elite Agents Testimonials

I absolutely love Eden!

She has helped me find beautiful places to live where I've been the happiest I've ever been and at an affordable price for me. She always has my best interest in mind. She's helped many of my friends and everyone thanks me for introducing her to them! I will never sign a lease without calling Eden since 2012!

Ashley Taylor

Eden went out of her way to help me relocate from Abilene to Austin.

She is truly passionate about her job. She worked so hard to satisfy my needs. Definitely recommended to anyone that needs help looking for a home in Austin. She found a beautiful apartment for me and I absolutely love it.

Nicholas Kam

Eden is passionate about providing her customers with the best.

She found us a wonderful place and will be helping us get our first home this year. She is an angel and we love her!

Melanie Schacht

The 1st day I met Eden about a month ago I knew right away their was something very special about her.

She is the type of person you can be with for 8 hours and it feels like 10 minutes her spirit is beautiful and she's is so funny,she understands people right away and knows what they need and want and will do whatever it takes to make it happen. I wasn't really looking for real estate until I met Eden by chance, due to certain financial situations I was going thru I didn't think it was possible to move. Eden made it happen fast and changed my whole life in a day no joke!!! You are a human angel and I'm forever grateful for you Eden!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!!

Christa Mcdonald

Eden is defined as a place of natural beauty!

Her name personifies the experience I had with her when seeking a beautiful apartment n my price range. Eden was extremely accommodating, walked me through each step of the process and gave me some much needed advice! It felt more like a life changing experience, though she was extremely professional! If ur looking for properties n need a human with a heart, keen business sense and u need a miracle like yesterday! Eden is the only choice!

Pashun Black

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